Bundle Compatible E61 Head Group

This Bundle Is Only For 58mm Portafilter And Below Are The Brands That Can Be Used

Italian Models: E61, La Marzocco, Aibo, Rocket, Pegasus, Rancilio, Bezzera, La Pavoni

Gaggia Machines: Suitable for both commercial and domestic use (58MM).

Specialty Models: Profitec Pro 600, Nuova Simonelli, Pandora, Legend, Kaffa, Gemilai, Penguin CRM312A, Ladetina, Wingkin 210 (unique design).

Additional Brands: Breville 9 Series, Casadio, Ascaso, Sanremo Serie One, Faem, Basilica, Compak, ECM (including single head models), Royal series, Maxim, Melitta (including Wega Picasso single head models).

Other Notable Brands: Odium, Kimberley, Wega, Ghost (by Kees van der Westen), La Detina, Iberital, XLVI, CIME, Lelit, Sunbeam Cafe Series, Solis Grind & Infuse Perfetta,  Elektra Maxi, Victoria Arduino, BFC, MKF, HIBREW (H10A), Slayer, Green Rongka.

Not Compatible: Breville 920xl, Kanglu CC102 and Maxtor EML models