Hand Crank Coffee Grinder Home Brewing

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Hand Crank Coffee Grinder Home Brewing

Hand Crank Coffee Grinder Home Brewing

Product Description
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Product Description

Discover the art of coffee grinding with our Italian Manual Hand Crank Coffee Grinder, designed specifically for coffee aficionados who appreciate the ritual of hand grinding. This grinder combines traditional craftsmanship with modern convenience, offering precise control over the coarseness of your grind for exceptional home brewing.

  • Manual Hand Crank: Offers hands-on control over grinding, enhancing the ritual of coffee preparation.

  • 24 Gauge Gear Adjustment: Point-to-point digital adjustment dials for easy adjustment.

  • Durable Construction: Made from six star CNC420 stainless steel, Sharp cutting, high hardness, more wear-resistant.

  • Portable and Compact: Easy to store or transport, ideal for home use or travel.

  • Easy to Use and Clean: Straightforward operation and simple disassembly for cleaning.

  • Quiet Operation: Operates more quietly than electric grinders, perfect for morning or late-night brewing.
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What Makes This Product Stand Out?

안정적인 자기 흡착

무거운 콩을 다루는 것을 단순화하는 안정적인 자기 흡착 메커니즘을 특징으로 하며, 이로 인해 갈기가 무리 없이 효율적으로 이루어집니다.

고급 티타늄 코어

420 티타늄 도금 스테인리스 스틸 연삭 코어를 사용하며, 백만 레벨 CNC 기계 도구로 정밀하게 설계되었습니다. 이 디자인은 매우 낮은 내부 허용 오차를 달성하고, 칼날 접촉을 피하는 6-그리드 연삭 과정을 통해 커피콩의 균일한 연삭을 보장하며, 미세 분말의 생산을 최소화합니다.

합금 소재의 견고한 질감

Constructed from high-specification space aluminum, this grinder boasts a solid body that provides high strength and corrosion resistance. Weighing in at 620 grams, it offers a robust feel and superior durability, enhancing the overall usage experience

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