High Extraction Basket Italian Handle Bottomed Portafilter 58mm

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High Extraction Basket Italian Handle Bottomed Portafilter 58mm

High Extraction Basket Italian Handle Bottomed Portafilter 58mm

Product Description
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Product Description

Master your espresso with the 58mm High Extraction Basket Portafilter. Featuring a precision Italian handle and a bottomed design for superior extraction, this portafilter is the essential tool for every espresso enthusiast.

  • Elegant and Functional Design: Blends classic aesthetics with functional features, adding sophistication to your coffee setup.

  • Design Feature: Sleek bottomless handle (naked portafilter) reveals the beauty of the extraction process, helping you perfect your technique.

  • 18g Basket: Ultra-fine filter ensures a smooth, intensely flavorful espresso that showcases the delicate nuances of your coffee beans.

  • Clear Extraction View: Bottomed design allows for easy monitoring and adjustment of the espresso shot, enhancing precision in brewing.

  • Ergonomic Italian Handle: Designed for comfort and control, offering a secure grip and precise handling during extraction.
  • Purpose: Designed for espresso enthusiasts who value precision, artistry, and Italian craftsmanship.

  • Overall Benefit: Elevate your espresso experience with this beautiful and precise tool – craft exceptional shots with Italian flair.

- 58mm Fits E61 Head Group Include:

Italian Models: E61, Aibo, Rocket, Pegasus, Rancilio, Bezzera, La Pavoni

Specialty Models: ECM, Flair 58, Profitec, Faema, Nuova Simonelli, WPM, Slayer, Lelit, 

Additional Brands: Casadio, Ascaso, Sanremo Serie One, Basilica, Gemilai, Victoria Arduino, Ladetina, Royal series, Wingkin 210 (unique design), Maxim.

Other Notable Brands: Odium, Kimberley, Wega, Ghost (by Kees van der Westen), La Detina, Iberital, XLVI, CIME, , Sunbeam Cafe Series, Solis Grind & Infuse Perfetta, Elektra Maxi, BFC, MKF, HIBREW (H10A)

- 58mm Fits La Marzocco:

Compatible with: All La Marzocco Machines

- 58mm Fits Fits Nuova Simonelli:

Compatible with: Nuova Simonelli Machines

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