Three-Layer Premium Espresso Puck Screen

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Three-Layer Premium Espresso Puck Screen

Three-Layer Premium Espresso Puck Screen

Product Description
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Product Description

Eliminate channeling & optimize water flow for consistently rich, flavorful espresso with our precision puck screen.

  • Premium Material: Made from food-grade 304 stainless steel for long-lasting durability and health-safe brewing.

  • Smart Design: Multilayer filter ensures even water distribution, extracting coffee's full flavor while minimizing bitterness.

  • No Paper Filters: Reusable coffee filters deliver greatly improved performance over paper filters.

  • Wide Compatibility: Fits most coffee phin sizes and styles on the market.

  • Easy To Use: Simply mash and place on your filter basket to help you create a delicious, full-bodied coffee drink.

  • Even Water Dispersion: Unlock the true potential of your espresso with our screen's ability to evenly disperse water.

  • Easy To Clean: Rinse thoroughly with water after use. Clean with Cafiza or steam if stained. Safe for many years of use.
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The benefit of a coffee puck screen is that they help prevent channelling. Channelling is when water runs unevenly through a coffee puck or breaks up the puck during the coffee making process.

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